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Zeppelin Systems provide plant engineering solutions to a wide variety of process industry sectors across the world. As a leading company in the handling of high-quality bulk materials and liquids, we supply all your plant engineering needs from a single source. Zeppelin are here to ensure your project runs smoothly and your business keeps running like clockwork. For any queries or for more information, please get in touch. Zeppelin Systems. We create solutions.



Having trouble with your bulk ingredient scales?

One of our clients recently came to us, explaining that they were experiencing variations in the delivery of bulk ingredients to their mixers. The issues included weighments out of specification and variability in time taken to achieve weight. Have you been experiencing a similar issue? We’re happy to visit your site, but sometimes these problems […]

Earth to contain 12 billion metric tons of plastic waste by 2050

For nearly 70 years, plastic has been one of the most used materials in the world. Used back in 1957 to make the first hula hoop, plastic can now be found in almost every industry across the world, from toys and fashion, to even being used in medicine to mimic haemoglobin in the blood.

Is your dough production at its best?

The demand for quality dough based products from consumers is rising. Not only do food manufacturers need the end product to look good, taste good and be consistent across each batch, but it also needs to be produced quickly to ensure they meet consumer demands. Would your production line benefit from 100% dough quality…made easy?

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