The issue of plastic packaging weighs heavy in the collective public consciousness, and many retailers and brands, facing intense social pressure, are taking steps to improve the sustainability of their packaging. In a push for environmental responsibility within the plastics industry and firm response to this public call to action, The British Plastics Federation (BPF) […]

Ecovadis is the grand adjudicator of corporate responsibility; it’s a sustainability rating platform for global supply chains. EcoVadis Scorecards make it easy to follow and improve environmental, social, and ethical performance. More than 20,000 companies use this company rating to drive innovation, foster transparency and trust between trading partners and reduce risk.   The Ecovadis […]

Known by several names, we are talking about the elongated films of plastic that can grow within pneumatic conveying lines…well until they break off and cause havoc by clogging up your downstream process. Thin strands of “angel-hair” can grow to longer and wider strips or “streamers”, and sometimes to extraordinary widths and lengths called “snake […]

The results are in, and it turns out taxes on sugary drinks are working to reduce sugar consumption, says Simon Stevens, head of the NHS. Stevens is now urging prime minister Boris Johnson to extend the tax to other sugary products to reduce dental problems, obesity and diabetes. The number of people across the globe […]

The CMI 75 is a laboratory and small size production machine which utilizes expert HENSCHEL-Mixer® technology. Designed and built by highly qualified engineers in Kassel, Germany, these machines have the highest quality process parameters and product characteristics, and have been built using the optimal production sequences, using the newest machines and processes. What does the […]

During these times of unpredictability and concern, as a consumer, it can seem confusing as to which products we endorse. Greenwashing is rife and to make informed decisions requires time and research. When it comes to plastics, there hasn’t been much information out there, until now. Unfortunately, this fantastic product, which since the 1950s revolutionised […]

AquAid enable communities to access safe, clean drinking water in parts of the world where it is needed most. By providing them with the means to access clean drinking water via a permanent source, AquAid prevent around 300 people a day from drinking unsafe water. When you choose to use AquAid for your water dispensers, […]

Clean faster, produce more Cleaning processes in manufacturing mean unproductive time. Especially with small batches, the availability of a mixer decreases. By selecting the right mixer types, cleaning time and thus production costs can be saved. A large variety of products and the individual production of different premixes form part of today’s daily routine. Fast […]

We are sometimes asked to repair fluidized beds either in our workshop (where they are small enough to get through the door in the silo skirt) or in-situ on the client’s sites. Usually by the time we are asked, the beds have been in operation for more than 10 years and are in a pretty […]

Taxation has become a real threat hanging over food manufacturers’ heads as they scramble to meet further sugar and calorie reduction targets.The current demands show that customers are looking for much cleaner labels, and campaigns have been introduced to encourage parents to choose healthier versions of the products they buy for their children.

Have you heard of Dry Ice Blast Cleaning? If you run electrical machinery that needs to be kept clean and sanitary, then it could be the perfect cleaning solution for you. Eco-Genics are a company in the south of Scotland who have won awards for their dry ice blast cleaning business. Their dynamic approach has been noticed and utilised by many well-known Blue Chip Companies because their service is safe, reliable and effective.

The CODOS NT is the next level in production efficiency. It’s a Zeppelin continuous mixing and kneading system but with a completely new design, and a world’s first in continuous dough production. Significant changes to the CODOS NT means that the user will now have lower operating costs, higher availability, smaller size, larger performance spectrum and a naturally hygienic design.

We’re delighted to announce that in conjunction with WP Kemper, we have been awarded the IBA trophy for our joint project combining the DymoMix with Kemper’s KRONOS spiral mixer. Presented by DBZ Wakeup Magazine, the award recognises innovative new developments or significant improvements to proven machines, and systems supporting and promoting the bakery trade. The […]

Here at Zeppelin Systems, food and the manufacturing of food is one of our key passions. With our position as a market leader in the field of plant engineering, we pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge and world-class food technology systems. We are constantly innovating and developing ways to support the food manufacturing industry. Today […]

As I’m sure everyone would agree, Yorkshire Puddings are to be considered a national treasure. What is a roast dinner without a couple of Yorkshires on your plate? A pretty miserable thought if I’m honest… Worryingly, lately, there has been some speculation as to whether Yorkshire Puddings will indeed still be Yorkshire Puddings following Brexit. […]

We at Zeppelin Systems UK are aware that keeping our team hydrated will aid them to perform at their very best throughout the workday. Sadly not everyone in the world has this luxury. As a result, we recently decided to purchase our water for water coolers/dispensers from AquAid in Birmingham. This has given our company […]

Zeppelin, the international, leading systems supplier for storage, handling and processing of premium bulk materials, are excited to be exhibiting at this year’s Foodex, being held in Birmingham on the 16th – 18th April 2018. Visit us at stand W330 and learn how our ‘DymoMix’ technology will revolutionise the baking industry and save you money. […]

With 32 years’ experience in bulk materials handling, I’ve seen how often the process is treated as an afterthought. All too often, the clients we deal with focus on getting the mixer bottomed out first and leave the handling systems until later. It’s either that, or they prioritise the building construction. I’m sure sometimes there’s […]

Technology is ever changing and so is the food industry. As we develop new and innovative ways to create great tasting foods, it is important to also update the systems used to create them. If new recipes or ingredients are introduced to a plant, then the equipment must be registered as capable of working well […]

One of our clients recently came to us, explaining that they were experiencing variations in the delivery of bulk ingredients to their mixers. The issues included weighments out of specification and variability in time taken to achieve weight. Have you been experiencing a similar issue? We’re happy to visit your site, but sometimes these problems […]