The demand for quality dough based products from consumers is rising. As a food manufacturer, you need not only the end product to look good and taste great, but for every single item you produce to be like that. image_manager__slider_zeppelin-branchen-nahrungsmittelindustrie-codos-3

If you’re producing dough around the clock and the quality of it needs to be consistent at all times, it is important that you have a kneading system that can do this and handle the big jobs.

As one of the market leaders within the food industry, at Zeppelin Systems, we have become renowned for our outstanding knowledge and expertise in the construction of modern systems in the food technology sector.

Whether you are making 1.3 million rolls or 3.2 tons of biscuit dough per hour, you need a system that can increase in line efficiency, react accordingly to raw material quality fluctuations, and handle recipe changes.

If this sounds like a system you require, then Codos® is the answer.

The continuous mixing and kneading system provides a constant quality of dough around the clock so that you can always achieve the same results at all times.

Regardless of whether it’s mono-lines or flexible lines for different products – the Codos® System from Zeppelin Systems can be used for everything.

The advantages that Codos® has over batch kneaders includes:

  • Optimum product quality at all times
  • Immediate reaction to raw material quality fluctuations
  • Constant dough temperature
  • Rapid recipe change
  • Gentle product handling
  • Up to 30% energy savings
  • Increase in line efficiency
  • Fully-automated operation
  • Simple to operate

Codos® is there to keep your business running efficiently and consistently, all along the line.

To discuss how Zeppelin Systems can help improve your production line and provide you with a system that gets you the right results, please call Neil Brown on 01623 753 291 or email