When people are browsing shelves at a supermarket, many of them do not consider the journey that food products have been through. Most foods have a long manufacturing process, as well as several different variables which have to be precisely correct for the product to meet a consistently high quality level.Choosing your silo

The unsung hero in this process is that of clean and state of the art silos. Upgrading your silos can lead to increased product quality, increased efficiently and lower power usage.

The older your silos are, the more chance you have of it breaking or causing injury to employees. Imagine if your silo was to break in the middle of a busy period of high demand, imagine what the repercussions would be. This type of situation could mean loss of revenue, a loss of clients and ultimately; a loss of trust.

It simply isn’t worth the risk.

Here at Zeppelin we understand silo geometry and can advise you on the best solution for your requirements.

We are a leading silo provider in industries including Rubber and Plastics, Sugar, Confectionary and Drinks, and Bakeries and Biscuits, and have worked with some of the biggest manufacturing companies in the world. You will feel assured that your silo requirements are in safe hands with us.

If you would like to discuss your existing equipment with one of our expert material-handling advisors, please give us call to discuss your needs on a no-obligation basis.

Zeppelin has been making and developing silos and silo technology since the 1950s, and we supply both aluminium and stainless steel silos designed to meet your needs and your budget. By putting the right silo in place for you, designed to match your requirements, you can expect many years of reliable service.

Telephone Zeppelin Systems on 01623 753291 or email info@zeppelin-uk.com for more information.