The CODOS NT is the next level in production efficiency. It’s a Zeppelin continuous mixing and kneading system but with a completely new design, and a world’s first in continuous dough production.

Significant changes to the CODOS NT means that the user will now have lower operating costs, higher availability, smaller size, larger performance spectrum and a naturally hygienic design.

Thanks to its new drive system, performance has significantly increased despite its reduced size. The new system in combination with the redesigned dough production system, DymoMix, was presented to the public for the first time this year at IBA. IBA is the leading world fair of bakery and confectionery held on the 15th Sept – 20th Sept 2018.  The CODOS, its predecessor, has already been installed more than 100 times.

Unbeatable new features

  • New: Wash-in-Place – Manual cleaning means down-time, but this is now a thing of the past with the CODOS NT’s integrated cleaning nozzles.
  • New: Suitable for higher temperature cooking – Thanks to this latest update, CODOS NT now guarantees top quality for dough temperatures from 15-42°C.
  • Designed for big jobs – The continuous mixing and kneading system ensures consistent dough quality, round-the-clock, for constant optimum results at any time.
  • Multi-purpose – Zeppelin’s CODOS® System is versatile and can be used for mono lines or flexible production lines for various products.

With these new features, Zeppelin has now extended its lead even further within the continuous dough production market. With the ability to produce 16,000 pretzels per hour, 2 million rolls per day, 3.2 tons of cookie dough per hour, we’ve further improved what was already good.

Zeppelin DymoMix

Improvements have been made to the DymoMix inside the CODOS NT too.

  • Even faster – The high-speed mixer replaces its predecessor with a variety of improved performance values. Not only does it take up less space but it saves more than 50 per cent of time during kneading, which is a significant increase to cost-effectiveness.
  • Reduced dust – There is also a further reduction to concentration of flour dust in the working environment. A newly developed nozzle in the rotating shaft of the DymoMix makes all the difference – It builds up a fine, continuous liquid screen. The powdery components are wetted with water resp. oil when passing through the liquid screen so that a homogeneous mixture is generated immediately.
  • Any kind of dough – Both very firm and almost liquid doughs can be processed efficiently with the DymoMix. Noodle, bread and roll doughs, as well as doughs for pastries, can be made with this award-winning pre-mixer.

Zeppelin was even awarded a silver medal, a FeedTec Award 2018, for this innovative further development of a mixer for dough wetting.