Adjustable air flow control for pneumatic conveying

This automatic control unit enables in particular the safe operation of slow motion conveying by providing pre-calculated air quantities at any time and under any operating conditions. The small window for careful and reliable transport of solids is secured by a combination of off-the-shelf regulators and air quantity measuring instruments with a micro processor unit.


  • Easy set point setting for required air flow
  • Programmable conveying modes for different conveying lines
  • Programmable conveying parameters for different product characteristics
  • Compensation of air leakage of rotary feeder depending on conveying pressure
  • Individual adjustments depending on conveying pressure, conveying line, rotary feeder size
  • Integrated process for gentle purging with higher air velocities
  • Fluctuations of mass flow up to 1:10 automatically regulated (depending on conveying length)
  • Even suited for low mass flow in large pipes
  • Efficiency of 95 % in comparison to 85 % with sonic chokes
  • Noise-optimised
  • Automatic pressure control for safe relief of high pressure and pressure peaks
  • Interface to main controls with Profibus DP, digital in-/output or as stand alone unit
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