Providing stability in all areas

Zeppelin understands that in the preparation of PVC powder, the stability of the entire system plays a decisive role. The dosing systems for a batch process must meet the highest demands in accuracy and reliability to ensure you consistently produce high quality products.

Quality recipe management is also vital for the supply of a wide range of raw materials and you must have a system that can cope with rapid cleaning and constant recipe changes. Raw materials can place a high demand on the bulk material and liquid handling due to being automatically dosed to heating-cooling mixers. After this mixing process the finished dry blend via intermediate silo is fed to the extruder.

The gentle handling procedure – which provides pressure, suction or mechanical screw conveying depending on your needs – keeps separation to a minimum. The inflatable conveying lines, vibrated rubber or PE pipes, and the overflow bypass conveying systems helps ensure that your systems handles your materials even under difficult conditions.

Plasticizers and other liquids are heated on demand or melted through flexible dosing systems provided. Oil scales or volumetrically operating multi- metering equipment for closed systems are also used.

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