Eliminating waste and making a better world

Every year, 3.2 million tons of used tyres accumulate within the European Union. 4% of these end up in landfills, whilst 50% are used as fuel in furnaces for the cement industry. This is a huge waste of raw materials as every car tyre contains around 2 to 3 kg of carbon black.

Working with our project partner, Pyrolyx AG, we are seeking to stop the amount of waste from burning tyres and ensure sustainable business activities through recycling. So far, we have succeeded in recovering oil, gas and of course, the high quality carbon black, from tyres on an industry scale.

As a leading manufacturer of systems in the tyre industry, we have become renowned for our extensive knowledge of process engineering. With our turn-key recycling system, we want to ensure that we close that recycling loop by conserving resources and playing our part in ensuring that our efforts for energy efficiency and sustainability have an impact on the world.

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