The demand for quality dough based products from consumers is rising. Not only do food manufacturers need the end product to look good, taste good and be consistent across each batch, but it also needs to be produced quickly to ensure they meet consumer demands.

Would your production line benefit from 100% dough quality…made easy?

Introducing DymoMix…

Extremely fast, dust free, low energy consumption and more cost effective, DymoMix can provide you with all of these advantages to your dough production.

It works by ensuring that all dry components are evenly moistened with liquids, such as water and yeast solutions, while in free fall. Within seconds, a homogeneous dough is created and can be used right away in a batch or continuous kneader.

Unbeatable features…

  • Product friendly

Unlike conventional systems, moistening is not achieved with mechanical mixing but with centrifugal force. This means that superior products can be produced with very even hydration and immediately be further processed without any intermediate steps.

  • Versatile

The DymoMix performance range covers all common types of dough with a variety of moisture content, from a dough yield of 110% up to 250%. The degree of moistening can be easily adjusted at any time during the process.

  • Multipurpose

The DymoMix is the perfect solution for pasting but also for agglomerating, thanks to its new temperature controlled double-jacket. This enables the processing of liquids such as clarified butter or palm oil and solids.

  • Faster clean

Thanks to the latest technology in hygienic design, the DymoMix achieves an even shorter downtime with higher effectiveness by using WIP, a faster and easier cleaning method.

  • Tried and tested

Tried and tested with confectionery, fresh and extended shelf-life baked goods, this fully automatic system delivers better results with shorter mixing times than any other similar system.

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