The demand for quality dough based products from consumers is rising. This means that not only do food manufacturers need the end product to look good, taste good and be consistent across each batch, but it also needs to be produced quickly to deal with consumer demands.

Introducing DymoMix – dough production with drive

If you are looking to increase production, reduce energy consumption and minimise your costs, then DymoMix can provide you with all of these advantages in your dough production. DymoMix works by adding moisture evenly through free falling dry materials e.g. a yeast solution. This creates a biochemical reaction that starts immediately and begins to generate a homogenous dough within seconds, this means that the dough can either be used instantly or transferred to a continuous kneader.

Unlike other models, the raw materials are not moistened with pressure but with centrifugal force. This means that despite a possible agglomeration of the dry materials and even with low humidity input, products such as a high quality dry pasta dough can be produced cost effectively. Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 10.17.06

Say goodbye to batch processing…

Thanks to the dust-free production of ready-to-knead dough by DymoMix, the mixing step in batch processing is no longer necessary. This will mean a significant increase in production volume, and as DymoMix can in some cases replace the continuous kneader, it can lead to substantial cost savings.

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