Whether it is due to contamination in products or incorrect labelling on the product packaging, it is becoming a regular headline in the news that food and drink products are more frequently being recalled.

A new study by Insurance Brokers, Lockton, has shown that food recalls have more than doubled in the past five years due to supermarkets cutting costs, which is ultimately leading to shortcuts around food safety. The most common reason for recalls is due to contamination, such as plastic, metal and glass, or cross contamination between allergy foods.

Food products affected in the past range from baby food, chicken wraps, chocolate and pasties. The production process is an important time to ensure that products are thoroughly tested to ensure they are safe, before leaving the plant.

Recalls are an expensive procedure carry out and can not only cost millions of pounds, but can also result in severe legal damages as well. In 2017, insurers received claims worth almost £240 million, purely for food and beverage product recalls. That’s before you even consider the potential damage to a company reputation.

When you mix product contamination with the fact that food allergies and intolerances are also on the increase, a contaminated product can be a dangerous mistake to make.

It is estimated that around 1-2% of adults and 5-8% of children have a food allergy in the UK. This is around 2 million people suffering with at least one food allergy, not including those who have a food intolerance.

Zeppelin has the solution. Our ReciPure ®System uses mobile containers assigned to recipes, instead of the conventional pipe systems. These containers move automatically, collecting any required ingredients and transporting them to the next stage of the process.

This is controlled by a computer-based production system, allowing you to have a comprehensive quality control, guaranteeing a rapid and seamless batch traceability. Our systems guarantee a cross-contamination free plant, to aid in ensuring that your business won’t be dealing with recalls any time soon.

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