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The historic flight of Graf Zeppelin’s airships and the Hindenburg tragedy will always remain in the history books. The history of the large aviation company and its downfall is why you see the well-established Zeppelin Systems GmbH today.

New Opportunities

In 1947, after the Allied military administration ordered the dismantling and foreclosure of the aviation group, the end of the Zeppelin organisation seemed inevitable. However, the proud Zeppelin employees were not ready to give in. With their knowledge in aluminium processing technology, Metallwerke Friedrichshafen GmbH was founded and the production of lightweight structures and large containers for the chemical industry began.

Growing Opportunities

Success came quickly to Zeppelin. Their silos quickly generated a positive reputation in the market and over the years, they extended their expertise into other key components for the bulk material industry, gradually developing as specialist in storage, conveying, mixing, metering and weighing of high-quality bulk materials.

With subsidiaries founded in Belgium, Italy, India, Singapore, the USA, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, England and China, the company expanded further in the 21st century through strategic alliances and acquisitions.

To this day, the Zeppelin Group has become renowned as the world’s leading plant engineering company for the handling of high-quality bulk materials.