When consumers buy your products, they want reassurance that certain ingredients are not contained within it. For some people, certain ingredients within products can cause some serious, and perhaps fatal, side effects. It is a food manufacturing company’s responsibility to make sure their customers enjoy their products and know exactly what it contains.zeppelin-branchen-nahrungsmittelindustrie-recipure-1

Earlier this year, a major confectionery company had to recall some chocolate due to a possible allergen contamination. These products could have peanuts and eggs in them but were not listed on the packaging. While it is necessary for businesses within the food industry to correctly label ingredients, food manufacturers also have to state whether or not a certain product could have come into contact with ingredients that can affect allergies.

Recently another food company, who supply soya alternatives for dairy based products, have decided to reverse plans to combine its soya and nut production lines after allergy sufferers objected against the introduction of ‘may contain’ labels on products to cover potential cross contamination.

Used by some manufacturers as a defence against potential lawsuits, many allergy sufferers regard ‘may contain’ labels as useless and avoid eating those products that are labelled so. If this food company did combine production lines, what could have this done for their sales?

With more and more people suffering from allergies and food intolerances, it is important for businesses in the food industry to do everything possible to avoid cross contamination….especially in the food production line.

Zeppelin’s Recipure System can provide you with the solution to prevent this.

Our very own ReciPure system will allow you to automatically collect all the required ingredients and transport them to the mixers and kneaders. With complete flexibility and a computer-based production control system, you can guarantee complete transparency in the production process, keeping your customers and your business safe.

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