Zeppelin Systems UK would like to welcome a new addition to its Food Division – our new Business Development Manager, Neil Brown.31fe997

Neil has joined Zeppelin from a background of wide experience throughout the food manufacturing sectors. From confectionery to the meat industries, Neil’s experience will be a thoroughly valuable addition to the Zeppelin team.

Currently studying for an MBA that focuses on the commercial challenges found when operating within the global food market, Neil brings together skills from the fields of both engineering and food technology. His passion shows through both his work and his educational commitment.

In his previous role, Neil restructured the confectionery equipment product ranges. This included standardisation of the equipment ranges and pricing structures, as well as introducing new ways of increasing efficiency. Bringing these skills to Zeppelin will help the company to become more streamlined and will assist in developing a new and improved, confident product range.

Neil has a growing and extensive network of customers and agents throughout the UK and the rest of the world. Zeppelin hopes to harness these skills, spreading sales further and reaching a wider audience than in previous years.

In his personal life, Neil and his wife operate a successful photography practice, combining both creativity and technical knowledge into a well-rounded commitment. This rare mix of creativity and technical knowledge will be useful to Zeppelin, helping the company to find new solutions and execute them to their full potential.

Zeppelin looks forward to building a stronger future with Neil, adding an impressive addition to an already impressive team of Zeppelin employees.

Do you have any questions for Neil? You can contact him at neil.brown@zeppelin-uk.com