Is your mixer working efficiently? Is it meeting demands? Are your quality expectations being met? Can you recall the last time your mixers were serviced?

We would like to introduce you to Zeppelin System’s HENSCHEL-Mixer® health check…


Quality mixing and production comes from ensuring the equipment in the process is operating efficiently at all times. Above are just a few examples of areas which require REGULAR inspection and maintenance:

  • Are your blades getting worn? If they are, they could be effecting final product quality and increased mixing times.
  • Is the mixer bowl worn? If it is, it can increase mixing times, impact product quality and propagate ineffective discharge of the mixer between batches.
  • Are the lid clamps providing a sealed connection, ensuring the lid is closed? If not, they may need replacing.
  • Are sensors on the mixer functioning correctly? You need to ensure they are for effective production cycles and safety during operation.
  • Are your mixer discharge valves and access to these valves in good condition? They should be to ensure cleaning and effective mixer discharge.
  • Do you have dust leakage or problems? Effective lid sealing, venting and hinge conditions will ensure a dust tight seal during production.

With increased pressure on time and production demands, your mixers can become neglected without intention. At Zeppelin, we can supply new mixers, spares and servicing, and would like to offer a free health check of your current HENSCHEL-Mixer® to ensure they are running safely and at its optimum efficiency.

To book your free health check with Zeppelin Systems, call me directly on 01623 753291 or email