Here at Zeppelin Systems, food and the manufacturing of food is one of our key passions. With our position as a market leader in the field of plant engineering, we pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge and world-class food technology systems. We are constantly innovating and developing ways to support the food manufacturing industry.

Today we would like to shine a spotlight on our ReciPure System, designed to totally eliminate the risks of cross-contamination.

Media reports of allergies and intolerances are an all too frequent event. On top of allergies and intolerance, there are also religious guidelines that have been implemented into recipes. This makes it essential for food suppliers remain agile and evolve the ways in which they avoid the cross-contamination of any ingredients.

Zeppelins solution is ReciPure. We have worked to create our ingredient container systems which will change the way in which you produce food in your factory.

What is the ReciPure system?

This system sees the end of the traditional pipe and batching systems and introduces mobile containers that are able to be assigned with individual ingredients or recipes. These containers automatically collect the necessary ingredients and then move and deliver them to the next stage of the process. With ReciPure, it does not matter how many different ingredients are required – the system is intelligent and every container has access to every ingredient in the store. ReciPure will accommodate all the ingredients needed for every recipe, individually.

With ReciPure, food manufacturers are able to stay on top of quality controls and they are able to oversee the entire production process via our Mira control system. This not only provides reassurance, as every part of the process is monitored, but it also guarantees a quick and accurate batch identification.

We are excited about the way in which the ReciPure System will transform the future of food processing, so for any more information on any of our systems please call us on +44 7970 235 029 or email