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If you have a demand for storage, then you need to speak to the silo production specialists. Since the beginning of the 20th century, Zeppelin has been welding aluminium containers, especially in airship construction.

The first silo made from aluminium was back in 1950, and since then Zeppelin have further developed innovative silo technology solutions, including telescopic silos and our simple installation process for silos above 500m³.

Our product range is available across the world, making your supply chain that bit easier. We can ensure that the storage of your high-quality bulk material is economical, reliable and maintains the quality of your material.

Due to variations in the process, or because of raw materials, it can be complicated when trying to attain constant high quality products when producing or recycling plastics. With our blending silos, we make it possible for you to balance out these variations and achieve better results.

Our silo technology covers a vast range of bulk materials and corresponding mixing efficiency requirements. For any queries or for more information, please get in touch. We are more than happy to help.


John Dance

John Dance

UK Sales Manager:

phone+44 (0)7930 252861