Say hello to the future

New smart components take Zeppelin into digitalisation.

Zeppelin Systems’ new PLANT.GATE app assists each user with their daily tasks and maintenance, saving time and adding flexibility. The rise of the smart factory is making waves this decade, and Zeppelin Systems is leading the way with plant digitalisation.

Smarter components mean improved efficiency

Zeppelin’s new PLANT.GATE app has multiple benefits for the user and the plant as a whole. Benefits include improving the plant’s efficiency, reducing downtime and maintenance issues.

The app is easy to use as well as making daily applications much easier for users.

PLANT.GATE works by automatically identifying components within the plant, and feeding back specific information back to the device the app is used on. It actively supports maintenance and service technicians, providing them with precise information for spare parts and instruction manuals when needed. This app will connect customers with experts directly, allowing them to ask questions and even transfer pictures and videos to help identify and fix any issues. This allows Zeppelin experts to share their expertise easier than ever before.

Automatic updates and new information

One of the most useful things about the PLANT.GATE app is that, regardless of the size of the plant, the user can instantly see all of the Zeppelin components in proximity, on their screen. This is particularly helpful in situations where location information has not been properly documented. Another advantage of the app is that information can be instantly edited and updated, as well as digital checklists instantly added and new maintenance protocols created. This app means a transparent and paperless future, which clearly documents every components’ entire life-cycle. Older components and equipment can also be retrofitted easily to work with this technology.