The CMI 75 is a laboratory and small size production machine which utilizes expert HENSCHEL-Mixer® technology.

Designed and built by highly qualified engineers in Kassel, Germany, these machines have the highest quality process parameters and product characteristics, and have been built using the optimal production sequences, using the newest machines and processes.

What does the machine consist of?

The machine comprises our two container mixing systems CMQ/S and CM for excellent mixing results with comfortable, safe and easy operation, cleaning and maintenance.

What is it used for?

The compact size of this container mixer is ideal for laboratory and small size production applications, making it suitable for a large variety of applications like powder coatings pre-mixing, Master-batch and homogenising tasks.

What are the benefits?

This mixer guarantees highest mixing quality with high dispersion, as well as fast and easy cleaning.

Other benefits include:

• Cabin with connection to central aspiration
• Smooth surfaces
• Quick cleaning
• Variable swivel positions – 120 – 180° mixing position
• Fast tool assembly/disassembly
• Durable inliner (optional conductive)
• Simple and safe operation
• Integrated Controls with WiFi & Remote Assistance
• Compact installation
• Turnkey assembled and ready to use
• Integrated storage shelf
• Housing for dust-free operation

The machine also has a coloured working status and lights up green to show when it’s in use. The large bottom distance makes it easy and safe to remove and clean, and its unique aspiration arrangement ensures healthy and safe working conditions too.

Zeppelin take a lot of pride in building quality equipment that is simple and easy to use as well as highly effective. High quality machines are better for your production, product quality, availability, reliability and profitability. This laboratory container mixer is no different.

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