In January 2015, Zeppelin UK hosted a team of Engineers from Najaf Tire in Iraq who visited for 9 days training for a Mixer Feed System. For once bad weather was welcome as this was the team’s first experience of snow!Zeppelin Engineering photo

“The hospitality & training we have received at Zeppelin UK has been excellent…..the best we have ever experienced. The preparation by Zeppelin’s Engineers and the materials provided exceeded our expectations. If we asked 1000 questions we received 1000 answers. We are now well prepared for when the system goes into operation. Our sincere thanks to David Scott, Ian Rich, Steve Castledine, Pete Mackereth, Steve Kirk, Colin Griggs and everyone else who helped make our visit fruitful and enjoyable. We hope we can return the hospitality in Iraq.”

Mr Jawad Mahdi Ghali

System & Control Engineer (Leader of the Team)

The other members of the Najaf Tire team were Talib Khudhair Abbas – Electrical Engineer;Abdulhussein Boshee Hussein – Mechanical Engineer; and Ahmed Hussein Ali – Mechanical Engineer.

David Scott, Managing Director of Zeppelin UK comments, “We were very happy to welcome our guests from Iraq. The visit was very important for the success of the project but it was also interesting to share life experiences and learn about some of the cultural differences between our two countries.”