With proper care and attention, and if your silo has been correctly designed for purpose, it can provide you with many years of valuable service.

However, all too often a silo doesn’t get the attention and maintenance it deserves and it becomes more cost effective to replace it, rather than repair it.

Is your silo suffering from years of misuse?  Are you ready for a new silo? Here are some tell-tail signs that it might be time to replace your silo:

  • Is the paint flaking off?  Is it showing signs of rust?  There could be a danger that the rust is eating through to the inside of the silo.
  •  Has your silo got hammer rash?  This is the indentations caused by people who literally bash the silo with a hammer or something similar, to try and dislodge a blockage and get the contents to start flowing again and to discharge properly.  This kind of hammering is bad for the silo and is also bad for the workers involved as they risk physical injury, not to mention the awful noise it makes.  The blockage is likely to have been caused by an incorrect design when the silo was originally installed.
  • There are several elements of a silo that can be repaired or replaced and should be inspected regularly for signs of wear and tear, for example filtration units, relief valves, shakers or vibrators, bags, seals, lids, bearings, drives, gearboxes and discharge augers.  Is the cost of repair or a replacement part getting close to the cost of a new silo?  It may make better economic sense to replace the silo, as a new model is likely to give you a more efficient workflow.

If you would like to discuss your silo with one of our expert material handling advisors, please give us call.  There is no obligation.  Here at Zeppelin we understand silo geometry and can advise you on the best solution for your requirements.

Zeppelin have been making and developing silos and silo technology since the 1950s.  We supply both aluminium and stainless steel silos designed to meet your needs and your budget.  By putting the right silo in place for YOU, designed to your specific situation, you can expect many years of reliable service.

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