One of our clients recently came to us, explaining that they were experiencing variations in the delivery of bulk ingredients to their mixers. The issues included weighments out of specification and variability in time taken to achieve weight.

Have you been experiencing a similar issue? We’re happy to visit your site, but sometimes these problems can be solved quickly and easily just by checking the system for specific problems.

Here is a list of potential problem areas:

  • Condition of filters and supply pressure/quality
  • Condition of fluidization pads/fabric and supply pressure/quality
  • Condition of flexibles, including alignment
  • Check individual load cell outputs for failure (particularly if there has been any risk from impact and nearby welding)
  • Check the feed hopper/silo for material build-up on walls (lumps represent feed variability)
  • Check rotary feeder at hopper/silo for material sticking (reduced rotor volumes / uncontrolled flow) and wear (increased leakage causing material flow problems)
  • Check vent lines and local vent socks/filters are not blocked
  • Check parameter settings have not been changed (security access code issues)
  • Implement or Check suitable auto-compensation system is working (avoid hunting)
  • Check isolation valves for leakage (pressure or vacuum influence on scale)
  • Check that tare weights are consistent (variations indicate material sticking/releasing issues)

At Zeppelin, we carry out regular inspections to ensure we deal with any repairs that are needed promptly, and to ensure that you are provided with a support package that guarantees your system is meeting your exact needs.

We are also able to provide your employees with the necessary training and maintenance skills to ensure that minor issues can be dealt with quickly and efficiently by your own team.

If you can’t find any faults with the system itself, then perhaps there are environmental changes which could be affecting your equipment?

  • Have you had any vibration influences on your scales? E.g. people working in the vicinity or mobile traffic etc. Support structures must be designed to avoid certain frequencies (Hz) and amplitudes.
  • Do you have any doors or windows nearby? Intermittent airflow could affect weighing – particularly if scale passes between floor levels
  • Have you changed material supplier (different handling characteristics)?

If you plan on changing your recipe or adding new ingredients to your mixtures, we can provide you with the necessary testing to ensure that your new recipes work properly with the equipment, or how your system can be altered if need be.

If you’re still experiencing problems or want more information on the services that we provide, please call us on 01623 753291 or email