We’re delighted to announce that in conjunction with WP Kemper, we have been awarded the IBA trophy for our joint project combining the DymoMix with Kemper’s KRONOS spiral mixer.

Presented by DBZ Wakeup Magazine, the award recognises innovative new developments or significant improvements to proven machines, and systems supporting and promoting the bakery trade.

The award winners were selected by honorary and independent experts from the industry. This year the panel consisted of:

  • Michael Wippler (President of the Central Association of the German Baker’s Trade)
  • em. Dr. Dr. Friedrich Meuser (TU Berlin)
  • Olaf Bauermann (IGV Foodtech)
  • Siegfried Döbler (BGN)
  • Wilfried Robertz (Business Consultant)
  • Lisa Dörner (Master Baker and Specialist Editor at DBZ Wakeup Magazine)
  • Martin Teschke (Deputy Editor-in-chief DBZ Wakeup Magazine)

We were awarded the IBA Trophy for working with WP Kemper to optimise the mixing batch process in a sustainable way. By combining the mixers, DymoMix and Kronos, this allowed mixing times to be shortened and the quality of dough (compared to conventional batch mixing processes) to be improved at the same time. With our competences, Zeppelin Systems and WP Kemper can now cover the whole process, from material handling to dough processing.

At IBA, the world’s leading bakery and confectionery trade show, we also presented our latest innovative product solutions, including:

  • CODOS NT – Redesign of a classic product
  • MIRA & MIRA Connect – Giving you access to the digital plant
  • Powerful new components – Brand new diverter and rotary valves

Our new-process engineering innovations mean that Zeppelin technology now has better performance, lower operating costs and, more than ever: increases the efficiency of your plant.

For more information on any of our systems, please call us on +44 7970 235 029 or email david.scott@zeppelin-uk.com.